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5 years ago

Error code: XRE 03059

We are tired of getting error code: xre 03059. What can you do to resolve this problem? We have read this has been an ongoing problem for many years. What are you doing now to fix this?

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    I checked from this end and one of the boxes is reporting some signal problems. I'd suggest checking all of the connection to ensure they're hand tight then disconnect power for two minutes and reconnect to see if a reset helps. Should the problem persist it may be time to see about scheduling a technician to come troubleshoot further.

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    You're not alone Jeff! We have been having this issue for months. On ALL the Contour boxes in the house as well as the mini boxes. When the service goes out, ALL tvs in the house go out. But it's gotten worse in the last two months. In addition to Error code 03059, we get 03056, 03121, 03061, 03121. The mini box has a different code M.3.1.4. The past few weeks, it's out every day for a few hours. Just comes and goes at will. What is amazing is that channel 44 is the only channel that is not affected. If I turn on the tv and it's on 44 I know the service was out while I was gone because the tv will default back to that channel on its own. 

    I have had no less than three technicians out here and all have agreed the issue is outside in the green box on the street. Each time they say they will put in a maintenance request and then nothing. No one calls me back. No one shows up. When I checked again this week, there were no maintenance requests  that matched up to previous tech calls except this past week. So either those techs never put in the request, or the system decided I didn't really need service. Finally, I'm told, a maintenance ticket has been written so I'm hoping third time's the charm.

    BTW.. unplugging the box did nothing to resolve my problem. Neither does rebooting the system.

    Jeff - I hope your service issues have been resolved by now. If not, persist and keep calling. Cable tv is not cheap and we should not have to pay for a service we don't have.