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6 years ago

Episode numbers in DVR list

This seems a reoccurring problem based on old forum posts.

In the DVR list I select a series I have recorded.

this gives me a list that only shows the name of the series in the middle.  this is useless to select an episode.

On the right is the channel,broadcast date,duration,channel, and description of the episode.

none of these help find the next episode to watch. 

if I scroll right, click down 3 times for See Full Detail,and hit select the description starts with the episode number.

then I have to go back B,left,,down to to see the next episode and go through 8 button pushes for each episode.

Why not put the episode numbers on the main screen?  Better yet, keep track of what I watched and offer the next episode

like Netflix does.  MUch better interface.

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    Hi Strakker, I have forwarded this feedback over to our team responsible for the Contour 1 enhancements and guide changes. We also currently offer the latest Contour 2 system, which comes with a voice-activated remote. In addition, Youtube and Netflix are also tied to the Contour 2 system as well. Here is some additional information, -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator