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7 years ago

EAS changes channel to C-SPAN with no emergency alert announced

Every time there is an EAS, the channel changes on it's own to C-SPAN. Its stuck on that channel for about 30 seconds then changes back to what I was watching on it's own. No Alert Message is ever played.

I wouldn't even know its supposed to be an alert if it wasn't for the cable box saying EAS on the front of it.

Surely something is messed up?

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    I don't know the technical discrepancy for this event but whenever additional information is piggybacked on a channel's frequency, set-top boxes seem to default to C-SPAN.  It happened to me when my power-on channel switched from my preference to the SD version of C-SPAN on channel 41.  To solve it, a moderator sent a re-initialization signal to my box.

    A moderator can do that for you or you can call Phone Support.