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2 years ago

DVR Video Pause/Freezes/Pixilation

I am so tired of this.  It doesn't matter what channel I have recorded, EVERY recording that I have done within the past couple of months pauses, freezes, skips, and pixilates.

I am currently watching, or trying to watch, the 147 Westminster Dog Show that I recorded last night.

I say that I am trying to watch it because it is almost unwatchable due to the abhorrent video quality.

I am one step away from canceling my TV subscription altogether, because the poor video quality isn't limited to just recordings.

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    Does the freezing effect live TV? If so, do you have more then one box? If so, does it effect all boxes? Overall sounds like either a signal problem or a dying hard drive. If it only effects recorded shows and only one box, then I would swap the box out at a Cox store.