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6 years ago

DVR recording issues

We have an Cisco 9865HDC DVR and two 4742HDC client boxes running Contour.
We have been experiencing occasional intermittent audio dropouts on recorded programs (live programs seem OK but we nearly always watch recordings). These typically occur repeatedly within the same recording, with a multi-second audio dropout every couple of minutes or so. The video does not not show any problems. The audio drop out problem happens on approximately 5% of our recordings.

Recently, on recorded programs which display a mid-screen white Chyron graphic of a Tweet or other text, there is an audio dropout coincident with the display of the graphic. The audio dropout occurs only when the chyron graphic box is displayed and stops as soon as the box disappears. This dropout occurs on maybe 5-10% of all recordings.

We also experience intermittent digital pixelation where sections of the video and audio are corrupted causing an intermittent blocky tiling of the screen and audio distortion. This happens less frequently - on approximately 2% of the programs recorded and watched later.

There are also times when a program does not record, even though it was set up in the Series Manager and had previously and subsequently recorded - causing us to miss an episode in a series. This happens on approximately 1-2% of all recordings.

There are other times when a recorded program will not play. Instead an error is displayed and the recorded program must be deleted. This occurs fairly infrequently - approximately 1% of all recordings.

What if anything can Cox do to address these issues?

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    I haven't had the audio problems that you experienced but I would like to thank you for mentioning the recorded programs that will not play.  For me, this happens apx. 10% of the time.  Very frustrating.  The error message is "We have experienced a problem playing back this recording.  Please try again later."   One additional problem that you did not mention is that I am not able (sometimes) to record a program that I am watching.  I hit the Record button and it shows that the recording was successful but the show does not appear  in my Recorded Shows list.  It does appear in the Future Recordings list but the "Edit this recording" option is greyed out.  That is my warning that the show is not recording.  I have the Cisco 9865. 

  • Hi Didgeridoodah,

    Are you experiencing this issue on a particular show that you recorded, channel or time of day?

    Maria L.
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      No, we have experienced it on different channels, programs and times.

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        Is the cable line a direct connection from the outlet going to the receiver? Are you aware of any splitters on the line?

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    Swap the box.  I know you've invested time building your library, but it's either tolerate the dropouts on approximately 3% of your recordings or replace the box.  It don't cost nothing.

    I read on avsforum the Cisco 9865HDC was recalled for issues with drive firmware and DVR heads.  That was a few years ago and I'm sure Cox successfully recalled all boxes and Cisco successfully repaired all boxes.  However, when boxes are on the bench for repairs, mistakes can happen.  That's a small percentage but a percentage nonetheless.

    Even new boxes from the factory have a small percentage.  I got a new box once but its HDMI port was dead.  How's that happen?  It happened.

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    Technically...if it's mid-screen, it's not a Chyron.  If it's a graphic of text, it's not a Chyron.  If it displays and disappears, it's not a Chyron.  I know the term has been mentioned in the news lately, but it's not a Chyron.