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6 years ago

DVR Playback

I am relatively new to Cox.  I have two issues both with playback on Contour.  The video playback is choppy,  The stopping and skipping make the recorded programs unwatchable at times.  It seems to be a common problem with all recorded content and happens on all 3 settop boxes in our house.  Is there a solution or is this the level of service we should expect?

Second, is there a way to reasonably fast forward recorded programs.  Even on the slowest speed, the video on screen is not a reliable representation of where you have fast forwarded to.  Often, once the video seems to be where you want and you press play, you find you have fast forwarded much too far.  Is there a trick to using fast forward with the Contour DVR?

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  • Kaze

    Please send an email to: and include your full name and address so I can take a look at the equipment. Thanks!

    StephanieS - Cox Forum Moderator