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2 years ago

DVR Contour 2 "resume" doesn't always remember position

Most of the time after recording a movie or program on DVR (Contour 2), you can later go to Contour/Saved/For You and then select the show and "resume" watching where you last left off.  Works correctly 90% of the time.

However sometimes (not all) on some specific movies on the Hallmark Movies Now subscription. Cox Contour completely forgets where you stopped the movie.  It doesn't even show up on Contour Saved submenus.

Cox here's a Hallmark Movies Now movie to try it on:  "When Sparks Fly".  After watching the movie for a few minutes, click "exit" to return to previas menu.  Wait a few minutes and see if  Cox remembers where you were.

Solution?  or Fix?