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7 months ago

DVR and OnDemand service is horrible

DVR recordings and OnDemand stop randomly, . A 30 minute recording takes 1 1/2 hours to watch. Have had techs come out and it’s the signal, but nothing happens to fix it. Next tech comes out and it’s the cable box. Cable box has been replaced so many times, new cables from the pole to the box. Obviously it is not on my end as they try to make it sound. What’s the point of the service that people pay premium price for substandard service?

Call center techs can’t reset boxes from their end, have to reset on my end. Never fixes issue. Then techs come out and replace the box. Brand new box had issues 20 minutes after techs left.

VCR’s from the 1980’s are more reliable than Cox service, customer support, customer service, and tech support. They are great at wanting to upsell and boast about how great the services are, but they are 100% unreliable and guaranteed to overcharge for services you can’t use.

Car warranty telemarketers are more helpful. 

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  • Hello.

    My sincere apologies for the continued signal issues. We would be happy to assist. When you have a moment, please send your full name and complete address to