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2 years ago

Dog Tv On Demand. Having trouble with AutoPlay the Next Episode to play.

I have had Cox Tech Support help me at least 3 times on this. They reset DVR each time. But still can’t get Dog TV to AutoPlay the next episode while I’m away from the house. Can anyone please tell how to set the DVR to AutoPlay the next episode? Please.

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    Please go to settings (gear icon), and labs then scroll down to autoplay is on for the next episode.

    Jonathan J
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      Try that too. I think you talk about the lab setting. That the only place I could find something like you are talking about. If there’s another place in lightening. It didn’t work for Dog TV. Did work on other TV series that I have recorded. So far it look like Cox is selling something that doesn’t Work like it should. And no one knows how to get it to work. I’m think about canceling my subscription on Dog TV with Cox. And pay for the app versus that can be use anywhere. Not just ant home. Even though the app version cost twice as much. But in the Dog TV app you can go into it’s settings which Cox should add. Can set it in Dog TV app settings to play like it should continuously one episode after another. Which is what I thought would happen by setting Cox settings like you mentioned. I’m so so frustrated with Cox about selling something that doesn’t work. It is really upsetting me. Especially. Since what I already pay Cox for their service. My Cox bill is more than my electric bill. I miss the days when it was the reversed. No wonder there’s so much talk about cutting the cord now days.