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5 years ago

Disney +

I payed for the new Disney+, how can I watch it? Will an app appear or will there be channels?

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    doesn't launch until November 12 nothing to do with cox  apps on certain devices or disneypluscom

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    I have the same question.  Will there be a an app like there is currently for NetFlix, Amazon Prime, etc?

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      Hi Hamilton23, to learn more about Disney+, go to We don't know if Disney+ will be available on Contour 2. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        With Disney signing up 10 million subscribers on day one, I would think this would be a bit more priority for Cox to address.  Can we as users add the Disney + ap to our Contour selections?  When will Cox address this?  Netflix, Amazon Prime.... should be a no brainer addition.