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Discounting not worth the trouble.

As a 30 yr subscriber I've used COX for many years, even after I hadn't needed the TV.  Having 2 renters I offered to 

pay for the TV service, but they never had a use for TV. So I asked for help on the TV part of the  ( $210) bill $139  I was offered $20.

So after 2 additional months I returned the TV-boxes ( 4 units)  waited 45 minutes to do it after driving 30 miles one way.

4 hrs later I get the offer for 40% off / 1 year to continue.   REALLY ?   $55 , 

 They can see on my service, I hadn't used 3 of the boxes for 2 they were disconnected years ago and seldom used the rest. 

 I write that they billing might in the future make an honest offer when asked. Not after all my trouble.

I'd still be a customer probably if they gave me the $55 when I asked for it.

 A discount reduction of $55 isn't compensation for the troubled experience. 

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