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7 years ago

Cox television service- ongoing, KNOWN (corp. computer recorded) issues

If a longtime customer ordered a service upgrade & began having continuous, variable service issues with said service- even after 3-5 phone discussions/2 service calls regarding the situation- with NO other action by company except to raise rates months later:  Is said customer obligated to then pay FULL price without receiving FULL service? Particularly after having repeatedly made company reps DIRECTLY aware of the ongoing situation- during one such occasion the CSR rep 'volunteered' the fact that they showed error codes dating back to the time of the upgrade?... Actually that sounds more like an alleged "customer service" oriented company that ISN'T that concerned with growing- let alone maintaining- their business.... I could be wrong about that... But I'm NOT.

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  • Hi Punisher61,

    I want you to be able to enjoy your services! I apologize that you've been dealing with these issues. This sounds like something a field technician should address. I recommend that we schedule a service call at your earliest convenience. If you'd like my team to set that up for you, please email Include your full name, address, and a link to this Forums page. We can follow up with you after the service call and escalate further issues as necessary. We'll get to the bottom of this for you!