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27 days ago

Fiber upgrade and Tivo/Cablecard/Tuning Adaptors

I've been unable to get a clear answer from COX, so I'll ask my question here.

I'll be getting my existing coax cable service upgraded to fiber optic soon.  Due to the odd layout of my lot and the location of the COX fiber connection on the street, the fiber will have to enter the house at a different location than the Coax service.  I've selected a preferred entry point for the fiber and a preferred location for the ONT.  The location can provide easy access to power, my router and my wired ethernet network wiring.  It does NOT have easy access to any of the coax wiring.

So my question is this.  How does the ONT communicate with my two TIVO boxes which use cable cards and a tuning adaptor?  Is there a coax connection on the ONT?  Is there another box that hangs off the ONT to provide a coax connection?

Any information would be appreciated.  I've spent a lot of time searching and on the phone with COX but have been unable to find anything that describes my situation.

Thank You

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  • Hi, I apologize that you were not able to get this information when you contacted us. Your Tivo and Tuning adapter will still connect to the coax network in your home. When the fiber line is installed a device will be added that splits off a coax connection that will be connected inside your home and feed service to the Tivo and Tuning adapter. From what you described the install tech may need to run a new coax line to go to the location of your ONT.