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23 days ago

Setting "Start" and "Stop" times when recording "Just This Episode." Why is it a 2-Step operation?

When recording "All Episodes" the menu allows you to select the Start and Stop times.  However, when recording "Just This Episode" the option is the automatic default to the scheduled start/end times.  You then have to go back in and "Modify" the recording to set; for example, a 3 minute longer end time.  Why not allow the alternate start/times when initially setting a "Just This Episode" recording?  Am I overlooking something?

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  • Hi drboykins. I can understand your pain regarding setting up recordings for just one show. This is the way the system was programmed. Thanks for your feedback and I will be sure to pass this along. Thanks, Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator

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        You are very welcome, drboykins. Is there anything else we can assist you with? Thank you,