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4 years ago

Cox Orange County Ca. - Channel 1002 CBS HD. Unwatchable, pixilation. MSNBC as well

Has anyone in Orange County Ca. noticed problems with CBS channel 1002 and MSNBC channel 1043 this past week?  Every recording we've made from CBS since Wednesday night has been unwatchable due to SEVERE signal loss and pixilation.  Same with MSNBC.

Same equipment - same drops - same routers, modems, house, etc. that it's been for a long time.  But starting with Wednesday past (Dec 2, 2020), CBS has been unwatchable.

Any contract negotiations between Cox and Viacom going badly at the moment?

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  • NOTE: This is not happening using a Cox set top box, but is with a TiVo Bolt / Cablecard.  

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    Hi @ Ottenbay,
    It sounds like you are having issues with your multiple records on your DVR and multiple channels. Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your Cable box?
    Ben S.
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