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Cox minibox problem: "sorry we've detected an interruption in your service...blah, blah, blah"

Replaced minibox with new one that didn't work at all and get "Sorry we've detected an interruption in your service... reference M.2.1.1" But there are two other miniboxes installed and they work fine (but they both use HDMI, not coax outputs). Please help!

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    Hi @Stochastic

    I can relate to what's going on, and I want you to be able to watch your shows without interruption. Please make sure all connections are securely connected (finger tight) and the cables are undamaged. If you have any splitters on the coaxial that goes into the back of the box, try to bypass the splitter and screw directly into the wall. If the box still doesn't work you may need to get that box swapped out.

    Ben S.
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      I did check the cables and I even tried using another old mini cable box that works. There is a splitter but I  think it can't be removed because it goes to another room with another TV and minibox (that also doesn't work). Is there anyway to get a cable tech to come out and check the coax cables to make sure there's nothing wrong with them or the splitter?

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        The only 2 inoperable Mini Boxes in your house are on the same coaxial splitter?