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4 years ago

Cox Contour recording issues

I tried to record a new series on Monday.  It confirmed the recording and showed red dot on guide.  The next day none of the four shows were recorded, even the ones that were previously entered. 

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  • What are three red circles in guide next to name of show being rscorded

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      If you're referring to a red dot that means the showing is recording or scheduled to record.

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    Do a little detective work.  Choose a new series that begins in less than 30 minutes (choose any show).  When the show is supposed to record, go to your Recorded Shows list.  Choose the show that is currently being recorded; even if it is only 1 minute into the show.  You will know immediately if the recording has failed.  Unplug the DVR for 30 seconds.  Then try a new series. If that also fails, go to the Cox store and get a new DVR.