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6 years ago

Contour TV Remote Access with wireless DVRi

  1. Just installed Panoramic Contour 2 system with three hardwired and two wireless cable boxes. NO physical DVR, only cloud based.  
  2. I am not able to remotely access the system to set recordings, or to watch anything on my DVR. 
  3. I was told by Cox that this is because I do not have a physical DVR in my location. 
  4. Asked Cox to add a physical DVR and was told that would not be compatible with the Panoramic system. 
  5. Does anyone know if this is accurate information?
  6. Does anyone know of any solution so I can access my recordings remotely?

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  • Remote dvr functionality is not available currently, we do not have an eta at this time. You should still be able to view any of your recordings from any of the contour 2 receivers in your home though.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator

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      So can I hook up a traditional DVR to the Contour 2 modem as a temporary fix?

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        Remote dvr viewing is not available on any of our platforms currently. The statement about needing to have a physical dvr/hard drive is incorrect, sorry about the misinformation. If and when we have this feature it will likely be on the platform that you currently have though as it will likely be cloud-based.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator