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7 years ago

Contour Online Channel Lineup

I've noticed that a number of channels that used to be available on Contour online ( are no longer available. One of these channel is 1339 Golf Channel.

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  • Hello,

    The Golf channel should be among one of the channels available on I was able to view the Golf Channel, so I have a couple questions:

    Are you viewing TV Online while connected your in-home WiFi Network? When you click Live TV, is it showing All Channels or TV Go Channels only? If you're seeing TV Go Channels Only then I recommend clear cookies and cache from your browser and open the page again. If this doesn't work and you still only see TV Go Channels, then I recommend unplug the power to your Modem and router, and reconnect the power to the modem first, then the router. Once the reset is finished, please see if you can then view All channels on the website.