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6 years ago

Contour needs more recording options

Can tou please add the feature in the recordings to start late or end early.

I am not able to record two shows at the same time if one is identified as starting at 8:59. The current Contour only allows you to extend recording times so if their a conflict you can only record one show. It’s is seen as two shows for the one minute.

I spoke to The second level person said they
Stopped offering manual recording option because people got confused but could not clarify why they change the options to only extend recordings.

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    Hi there, I understand exactly what you're saying. Unfortunately, we're unable to change the times because that's how the Network chooses to air those programs and that's how we receive the thread to air. My suggestion is that you manually change the start time for the 2nd program so it doesn't overlap with the first one. Doing that should allow you to fully capture the entirety of the first and second programs. -Thanks, Carol