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6 years ago

Contour Cable Box is not sending signal via HDMI out after storms/power outage

We are having an issue with the HDMI out port on our Contour cable box after yesterdays storms. There was heavy lightning in the area and we did lose power at some point but I was at work during that time. All HDMI ports on television are properly functioning, HDMI cables are functioning properly. Cable box was rebooted via Cox app and sends a signal perfectly fine using coaxle to an older TV I had lying around. I have been able to narrow it down to this one specific port. Any suggesions?

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  • I should note that the box is practically new and it does not appear there was a strike to any lines, we experienced that a few months ago and it literally fried all electronics that were ethernet hardwired. I have no issues with any other devices in the home.

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      Hello. It does sound like the HDMI port on the box has been damaged. If you want to use HDMI, I recommend swapping the box at the nearest Cox retail store. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.