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7 years ago

Contour box not working because of the sun?

Has anyone else been told by customer service that the reason their Contour box is only getting one channel is because of the position of the sun and it could take 8-10 days to resolve?  I’m thinking at the least the person should get a big discount from the outrageous $230/month if the sun can cause the system to not work for 10 out of 30 days.  But honestly I’m thinking this is just s story they are trying to pull over on senior citizens that have been loyal customers since the 1980s.  Ugh!  

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  • Hi Misscsr,

    Sun outages most often occur during the early spring and fall months. When the sun aligns directly above a satellite and its ground-based antenna, the sun's energy can overpower the satellite signals, resulting in sun outages. Outages can last from five to fifteen minutes each day.

    So that we can address your specific account issue, please email my team at with this post, your full name and complete service address.

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    The Contour cable had been out for four full days, not just 5-15 minutes each day.  They were able to talk to a technician today and reset the Contour box and everything is working again, very thankful for that.  I guess I don’t understand why this wasnt done this past Sunday when they initially called but, again, am very thankful that it is working again.  

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    Hello Misscsr,

    I truly apologize for the delay in restoring your services. We can provide feedback to the reps leader. Please send an email to include your full name, address, and a link to this forum post. Thanks
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    I was told the same thing last night when every channel reported “Unauthorized (V58)”. I chatted with Customer Support and they sent a reset signal to my cable cards (no Contour, I use a TiVo). That fixed the issue - for about 5 hours. The first instance occurred at about 6:30PM, the second around 11:30PM. Chatted again with customer support who told me it was due to a “sun outage” - at night??? I asked the support person how a sun outage can occur at night who “explained” to me that just because it’s nighttime where I’m at, the sun can still affect satellites. However, *everything* I have read about sun outages claim this is NOT TRUE - that sun outages only occur between approx. 10AM - 5PM. Everything appears to be working right now, but this just seemed to be a poor excuse for the problem. We’ll see if it fails again tonight.
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