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7 years ago

Contour 2 and RG59

I have an older 2 story home with RG59 cable throughout.  I had a service order to change 3 TVs from DirecTv to Contour 2 and 1 from Cox Mini Box to Contour 2.  The Cox tech (contract employee) who arrived for the service told me that Contour 2 wasn't compatible with the RG59 cable and that Cox wouldn't do the rewiring because it's a 2 story house.  His only solution was for me to have an electrician replace the RG59 with RG6.  Since thien, I've talked to Cox Tech Support twice and gotten 2 different answers - one that agreed with what the tech told me and one that says I should have no problems.  I've rescheduled the service order, but I would like to know before that what the real story is for Contour 2 and RG59.  Anybody know the answer?

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  • Hello fsgm2011, We can install our Contour 2 product in homes that have RG-59 cabling. The home would need to be tested by the tech and if the lines fail testing which may be what occurred that day, but we can install new RG-6 lines into the home. Being on the second story the only way we would install them would be to come up the side of the home and thru an exterior wall into the room needing the cable outlet. If you need or would prefer the line installed into the walls internally where they are not visible from the outside or need to be installed in an interior wall in the home. An option would be to have this work contracted out to install the RG-6 cables and once installed. Contact us to perform the install after that.