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2 months ago

Contour 1 more versatile then Contour 2- can't go back.

Contour 1 DVR box was much much more user friendly than contour 2.

You could choose a channel, leave it on for a minute, go to another channel, do the same, and both would allow rewind to go back an hour. Now, you can only go back as far as the channel was chosen, just a few moments or even seconds.

We want to go back to contour 1, but Cox can't go backward in firmware, only forwards. That makes my perfectly functional contour box a boat anchor. 

We went to 2 to upgrade, but it's more of a downgrade, in all the functions that we use the most. You don't know that till you try it, then it's too late to go back if you don't like it. That leaves the only other option to find another provider, but unless you can try it first BEFORE you buy it, you'd be in the same boat of having an interface you that isn't what you want. C1 was not broken. Why they "fixed " it I have no idea. They even took the clock off the box  . Annoying.

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  • Hello. 

    I'm sorry you are experiencing changes and difficulties with the contour . I would be happy to go over and provide more information for you. Please email your full name and complete address at .

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    I've said numerous times that Cox TV (Contour 1) is superior to Contour (Contour 2) if all you want to do is record, playback and watch live TV.  For those functions, Contour is a downgrade.