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Constantly have to reset receiver

I pay almost $300 a month for Cox services. Why am I constantly having to reset my receiver? Can I take this piece of garbage to a COX store and exchange it for one that actually works without a hassle??

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    I'm sorry to hear the receiver is giving you so much difficulty. If you would like to try exchanging it we can definitely take care of that at one of our solutions stores.

  • Yes, you can take it to the store for replacement.

    For some reason, if you call repair, they won't tell you that! I went round and round getting 3 replacement boxes with them wasting their time and mine, before somebody finally told me I could just go into the store and get a replacement.

    Unfortunately, they were never able to resolve the problem. They weren't able to provide the box model I had before (Arris, CMX013) that I know works for me. This was after I was promised the store had them. Got to the store... they didn't. So I cut the cord and now have only Internet.

    There is ZERO communication within Cox. NOBODY reads the account notes. They are there - it's just that nobody readins them, and you have to start over with every rep you talk to.

    Good luck! I now pay $104 for Internet (I have the 300mbps tier just below Gigablast) and $40 for Sling TV. I wouldn't pay $300 to be treated the way Cox treats their customers. I am shopping for alternative Internet service. I have multiple choices in my building.

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    I'm having the same problem having to reset my Contour every morning.  I can tell the box is powered as the red recording light is on as is the blue circle around the power button and the auxiliary boxes all work.  It just shows a screen on the TV saying no signal is available.  When I called Cox they said I could take it in to the local cox store for replacement but I would lose everything I have recorded on the box.  I had thought all of my programming was synced via internet.  If I have to replace this box and reprogram a new one I'm going with Direct TV.

  • You will definitely lose your recordings if the box is replaced. You MAY lose your recording schedule, as well. I was told by a rep that you will lose your schedule if you change box models. But my FIRST box replacement was a different model, and I DID keep my schedule. My SECOND box replacement was the SAME model (as the second) and I LOST by schedule. 

    But... then again, it turns out my second box was coded in the system wrong. They had it coded as the same model as the first one.

    I am SO happy so far with Sling TV. It is SO easy to set-up a series recording schedule. You can do it: on screen, in their iOS/Android apps or on the web. SO much easier to set-up a schedule on a big desktop or laptop screen or an iPad! I've been begging Cox for this for YEARS, but still all you can do online is to set the box to record an individual program (not a series). And, so, replacing a box is a painful experience of click, click, click.

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    Thanks for the reply.  I'm very frustrated too...

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    The REALLY crappy part is, that after so many resets.... COX won't let you reset the box anymore and instead want you to reach out to a support person... I ended up having to rest the box by pulling all the cables. I notice the issue presents itself if I turn the channels too quickly... I guess the box can't keep up??

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    Are you having an issue with both receivers or just one? Is the cable straight from the wall to the receiver or is there a splitter?

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    I went thru the same...been a customer 2 weeks...had three techs out...exchanged dvr and remote twice and still it froze, changed channels or otherwise went weird....the chat support people would reset the box and it would be fine for a day...the last tech had the answer..something none of the other techs and support people even sugggested.

    When it acts up, at least with the xr11 remote, click on the A button for help, then clip on 'reset' don't need to spend hours on the phone for support to do it for you.  If the remote does nothing, unplug the dvr for about 30 secs and then replug it in.

    Best yet!!!!  the first two techs didn't set the box to reboot by itself from 2-4 am each the box gave me all the problems because it never shut off.  To schedule the reboot, click over to settings and look for automatic reboot and click on far, it's worked fine since number 3 did that for me.

  • @jimfed67,

    This sounds like the box may be failing. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a link to this forum to so we can help resolve this issue for you.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.