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2 years ago

Cisco DTA 250HD and URC-4220-RF IR sensor compatibility issues ?

Hello Geniuses,

We have a Cisco DTA 250HD mini box connect at work. It had an IR sensor plugged into it through the IR IN port that got smashed. We operated it through a URC-4220-RF remote control. A co-worker bought another IR sensor, and it did not fix the problem. Looking to get feedback on better options to getting it running again. Is the remote old, and does it need replacing? What IR sensor models seem are compatible with both the mini box and remotes? No chance of having a tech out, because it is paid for by the company, and would result in them just remembering they pay for service, and most likely cancelling it. We need to watch TV, Help us Obi One, you're our only hope.

Princess Leia

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    Exchange the Mini Box and remote at your closest Cox Solution Store...or find the same make and model of the smashed sensor.

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      Thanks for your response. Co-workers through out the old IR sensor so no chance of getting make and model, and the mini box doesn't belong to us, so taking it of property wouldn't work either. A don't have excess to account info, and B. Those that do probably forgot they even paid for the service, and would solve to problem by just cancelling it. So hopefully someone on here knows an IR sensor that is compatibly. However thanks for responding.