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7 years ago

CISCO cable box - Audio last night, no audio this morning

Last night I was watching television, overnight a problem arose causing audio loss on every channel. 

I contacted support this morning, the rep reset my receiver twice to no avail and then "discovered" miraculously that there was an outage in my area causing the loss of audio that would be repaired shortly. 8 hours later I'm still having the same issue so I contacted the tech support again. She insisted there was no record of outages in my area and apologized for the inconvenience. The tech reset the modem unsuccessfully then gave me some copy+paste suggestions from a 5 second google search. All of her troubleshoot options did not work, so... here I am. 

To recap, I:

Made sure the TV or Cable box was not muted. Duh. 

Made sure all connections were tight to the receiver and to the TV.

Tried all 4 HDMI inputs on the TV.

Ensured that the TV was not the problem by checking for menu tones which work. 

Made sure SAP options were disabled on both the TV and the receiver. 

Made sure the audio options were all set properly, which was pointless because they were never messed with in the first place. 


Tried using a different HDMI cable

Reset the audio settings of my TV to defaults (they were already default, but tried anyway) 

Lastly, I ran a receiver test and it came back with this error code during the connectivity test. Value 32.2 

After all of those failed, I came here. Still no sound on any channel. 

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