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Changing channels requiring a reset over and over.

Our Contour receiver is needing to be reset with ridiculous frequency. Sometimes we get the "Signal Not Available" error message or whatever the specific number is, 25 - 30 times "a day". After resetting the DVR it may work correctly for a day or two. But sometimes it will have to be reset every day. For 55-60% functionality it seems like a lot of money.

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  • Hi Susi,

    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue frequently. We want to help get to the bottom of a solution. Are you experiencing any issues with any other cable boxes in the house like you do on the Contour box mentioned? Do you have a splitter or a signal amplifier attached to the coaxial cable? I can recommend unplugging the receiver power and reconnect the ends of the coaxial cable, then reconnect the receiver power to see if that error stops. If it doesn't put a stop to that error, then we may need to have a service appointment reserved to have a technician take a look. If it's determined a receiver issue, then the box would need to be replaced. Any recordings on a Contour box hard drive would also be lost.

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