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6 years ago

Changed DVR and lost pip

Was told I had to change my old DVR with a new one to prevent losing programming. They changed the old one (I think it was a Rovi???)... with the Contour DVR. I had PIP before the change... now I don't. PIP technology is roughly 30 years old. How is this progress?

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    Your Rovi had two tuners to support PIP.  Submitting a request won't do anything unless the current Contour boxes also have two tuners.

    I wouldn't diminish the question as "old technology" but as an older feature.  The Previous Channel button on the remote would also be old technology, but you're still carrying it.  Having to rent a cable box is an archaic requirement akin to having to rent a rotary telephone...but you're still carrying it.

  • Hi Kkendall. Thank you for your feedback. I apologize that the upgraded boxes no longer carry this older technology. We can submit a request to get this feature restored, if possible. Please let us know if you wish to do this. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Your customers continue to pay more ... and more - And now for fewer features. What a racket!