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Can’t set record start time for series. Contour 2

I have a series recording for ABC World news tonight, which airs here in Los Angels at 6:30.

Some software change in Contour 2 now records the ABC World news program at 3:30 pm which is the East coast feed version, and NOT the 6:30 pm West coast version.  Often they are the same, but when there is breaking-news, ABC broadcasts an updated west coast feed. Which I can’t get.

How can I set a “manual recording” for 6:30?  Or some other solution?  That’s the one I want recorded  

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  • You can set a manual recording by pulling up the guide and scrolling all the way to the left until the network/channel is highlighted and then click OK. Then click record and the settings to setup a manual recording will come up.

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  • BrianM -- I thought at first you had the answer.  Yes, you can set a manual recording as you describe, but you can do that ONLY for a single date/time.  That is you cannot set a series recording to record ABC World News Tonight at 6:30 pm every evening.

    Any other solution?  With the previous Cox DVR you had full control of time, channel, and days of week for manual recording.

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      John, the feature you want is not currently available in series recording options, but I want to thank you for your feedback and let you know we've shared this with our video team for consideration. For the time being it seems your best option will probably be to set manual recordings. I wanted to clarify what you're seeing as far as the feed. You should not be receiving the east coast feed, only the west coast feed, but if the program airs twice in the west coast feed that would be a decision made by the broadcaster. -Colleen D. Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Thanks Colleen. 
        Another more obvious use of setting a manual series program, occurs on TCM or Hallmark or other channel every week.  They have something like "Friday Night movie" which is played every week at for example, 9pm.  Of course the Contour Guide title changes every week and is the actual name of the movie to be aired, so it is impossible to invoke a series recording every week.
        This "manual series" was a nice feature with your previous Cox DVR Motorola software.