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7 years ago

Cancel reminders

How can I cancel viewing reminders I've added in the past but no longer use? When I reminder pops up the only option is to view or dismiss, but dismiss only dismisses it that one time, and does not remove the reminder, so it continues to pop up constantly. I am bombarded with reminders I dont' want and it disrupts me constantly.  I talked on a chat but the agent instructions did not work. Thought I might try this forum

This is for the cox contour remote.

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  • I'm at work and can't look at that until tonight. Where would I find the model number? Is this on the remote or my cable box?

  • Another thread had the same problem.  The following response from a COX Support moderator did not work for me (the option "Reminder Options" was not there when I pressed the INFO button from within the GUIDE while I was on the station the reminder sent me to).

    I get the impression the reminder is more linked to the team (Pittsburgh Penguins) than the channel

    Also this other thread appears to be LOCKED despite the fact that it also appears to be UNRESOLVED


    Press the Guide button and go to the channel that is airing the MLB game. Once you're on the game channel, while still in the guide, press the Info button. This should give you the option for 'Reminder Options'. Select this option and this will allow you to modify your reminder options, which includes canceling the reminder. Please let us know if this helps.

    Renee G.
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    Hello S. from Northern Virginia,

    Thank you for posting on Cox Forums. I can assist you with the reminder settings. Please provide the model receiver that you have. Thanks
  • I asked previously and no one ever answered so I'll ask again, where do you find the model receiver number? Is this on the remote? 

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    The modem number will be on the cable box itself. It should be on the back of the box.