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5 years ago

Can i get replacement equipment via mail ?

Hi i have had cox contour dvr and 2x contour 2 (small box's) for less than a month and one of the small contour 2 box's has quit working.

Is there anyway that i could get a replacement contour2 in the mail and then mail back the faulty one ?

Or do i have to go to a physical store to get a replacement ?

P.S. i have done all the troubleshooting possible hdmi cable,resetting cable via online and even moving to another room and tv.


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  • Hi Billy77, you can request a receiver swap using online chat (as mentioned in the article Bruce provided) or by calling 918-286-3443. We'll drop-ship a replacement receiver for you along with a return label. You'll just need to pack the defective receiver in the box, attach the return label, and ship it back to us. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator