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A/V out of sync again...

brianm Hello Brian, it's happening again on Boomerang (Baton Rouge channel 224), for the last two or three days the sound has been about 1-2 seconds out of sync with the video (programs and commercials), just like it was about 7 months ago.  Again, I don't know if it's Boomerang or Cox that is having an issue, but you did a great job getting it fixed the last time, and I hope you can work your magic again, thank you!

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    Hi@James Scott,

    I can relate to what's going on, and I want you to be able to watch your shows without interruption. I have sent through a soft signal which should refresh all of your channels but will not reboot your boxes. Let me know if you are still getting out-of-sync audio on Boomerang.

    Ben S.
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    if all other channels are ok i suspect boomerang is the problem.