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6 years ago

Auto-Tune to HD doesn’t work

I do not know when this tatted, but relatively recently, my contour cable has stopped auto/tuning to HD. I knew about the setting and it randomly disappeared, I was looking for it because  I was trying to turn it back on because I assumed it was turned off. I searched it up and learned they renamed it to “Prefer Best Available Resolution”, I checked the setting and it had been on the whole time but it still doesn’t work. An example of this is when I use voice commands to say a channel name, and it will take me to the standard definition version instead of the high definition version (i.e. saying “TV Land” will take me to Channel 58, not Channel 1058). When it automatically went to the HD Channel variant, it used to also say “auto tuning to HD Channel” or something similar to that. Another example is when I’m trying to look at a TV show to see if it’s on currently, and if I click “watch” it takes me to the standard definition channel (i.e. If I click “watch” so I can watch Seinfeld on TBS, it shows channel 49, not 1049. One thing I also just noticed is that it says “49 TBSHDP”, which I always assumed that the HD was meant to represent “Hight Definition”, but if 49 is high definition, then what is the point of 1049? Restarting my cable doesn’t work.

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  • We have recently made a change so that the HD channels are now located where the standard definition numbers were located (if no HD version, then the standard definition channel will still exist at the same number it was located at previously). This was done to make changing the channels easier with less digits involved.

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      Hi Brian --- I see what your saying about the channels - for example channel 10 that was 1010 is now HD on just 10, but the cable news networks (CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, etc) don't have the HD after them on the channel guide when looking at their low channel numbers of 47, 48, etc, but the 1047, 1048, etc do have HD listed after them on the channel guide. Is it safe to assume that not all the HD channels have been migrated to the lower numbers? Thank you so much for any information. 

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        Hi RhodyS, all markets have now completed the conversion to HD. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Alright, thanks for the quick response! I’m just curious though, if that is the case, then why are the Hd variants that are in the 1,000s still accessible?

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        They're still available for those that are used to using them and for backwards compatibility with previously scheduled recordings.