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5 years ago

Audio and Video drop out

Does anybody think it's good service when my TV audio will drop out but the picture keeps going, or what usually happens is the video freezes but the audio keeps going.  And then again, maybe both of them will drop out.  All of these occur for a few seconds only, but it's really frustrating.  Should I continue to pay my full invoice when I'm not getting full service?

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    Node congestion, same problem on the internet forum

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    Did this just start happening?  Explain your TV setup...receiver, soundbar, etc.  HDMI version?  Is your cable box connected to a splitter?  If so, is it old?

  • Hello, it appears we are getting finding packet loss to the modem, which can create these issues. Try checking the coax cables to the modem and reboot it. If the concerns remain, please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email at Provide us your name and the complete service address to get started.