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6 years ago

Anyone else having issues with HD picture resolution with new Contour 2 boxes?

 I was asked to upgrade my contour 1 boxes to contour 2 and ever since all my HD channels are not clear? Cox technicians have been out twice already and still no resolution. They have switched out multiple Contour 2 boxes and still the picture is shadowy and not HD clear.

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    Hi, AGAR.

    That is not something we usually see. If you have exhausted all the settings options within the Cox settings menu(s) for both affected TVs, please consider vigorous review of each of the TV's settings. They may not have made any updates necessary to best match up with the new format.

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      We have tried multiple TV settings across 4 TVs (including new Sony 4K TVs), and changed the Contour 2 boxes. Still having issues with the picture quality. We have had technicians come out twice and still no resolution. They say that the signal into the house is fine, just something wrong with the Contour 2 software that may need patching.

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        Hi AGAR, a field escalation has been submitted on your behalf. Please let us know the result of the service call on Saturday! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator