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5 years ago

After more than a year recording length still does not match guide

This has been an ongoing issue for more than a year and multiple people have mentioned it on this forum. When I record a sporting event such as a football game like today that runs from 9am to noon, it records the program from 4 to as much as 6 hours by default.

This causes multiple conflicts with future recordings as it exceeds the total number of simultaneous recordings my DVR can handle. This results in skipping scheduled recordings.

There is no way of reducing the amount of time a recording is set to by default. I'm sure some software developer thought this was a great idea in case the game ran long but its caused more problems than it solved.

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  • Coxprblms, Are you setting the recording manually as the game is airing or setting the recording up in advance? There should be stop-time options you can select, to include
    •On time
    •3 min late
    •5 min late
    •30 min late

    -ColleenD, Cox Forums Support Moderator
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      I'm setting the recording manually before the game starts. If I choose the defaults it picks random amounts of times to end the game. If the game is scheduled from 9am to noon on the guide, the recording will end anywhere between noon and 2pm (3-5 hours).

      I'm watching the Michigan recording now that I set to end "30 minutes" late instead of "on time" and it shows that the recording will last 5 hours.

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        Hello, I understand this can be frustrating, and we apologize for the unfavorable experience. Sometimes, there are errors in the start and end points encoded in the broadcast. Or, a show could have been preempted by a live event or news broadcast. Since you've indicated that this is a frequent event and has occurred over the last year, I went ahead and submitted an escalation to our back-office team to have this investigated further. When we receive additional information, we will follow up with you.

        Please feel free to email us at, for further assistance as well. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator