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5 years ago

Adobe retires Flash Player = I cancel my COX cause is 90% of my viewing

[Reposting this VERY, VERY important question from another user NINE months ago until it is answered]: 

Hello, anyone from Cox Communications.  Will https://watchtv.cox still be available after Adobe retires Flash Player?  Thanks.

And a copy and past of previous answers after NINE months is not acceptable.

Tim Allen

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    Hello, Cox has no intention of getting rid of the Contour website platform simply because Adobe Flash Player is retiring. Cox is currently working on other alternatives, and Adobe Flash is not slated to retire until sometime in December of 2020. This is not something our customers should worry about. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      It's good to hear that the Contour Website will continue after Adobe Flash has been retired.  Replacing Adobe Flash will be a good thing for Chrome users who currently have to allow Flash every time the website is accessed. 

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      I agree with CurtB: It is good to hear the Contour Website will continue ...

      I agree with you KevinM2 that "This is not something our customers should worry about."

      With over 40 years in dealing with technology at work and home. I worry a lot less that I used to.
      I have accepted that my worrying about things beyond my control has no impact on the outcome.

      That same 40 years tells me that less that 13 months is not a lot of time for software development, quality assurance, internal testing, beta testing, bug fixes, more testing and release to the public.

      Are you able to say where Cox is in this process and estimated release date? ,