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4 years ago

Add One America News Network (OANN)

Please Join:
Direct TV
Century Link

On carrying the station thankyou.

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    Yes! Was about to post the same thing and saw your post!   COX please add OANN!  Debbie

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    Hi EricB,

    We've submitted a channel request on your behalf. If there's an update in our channel line up, you'll be notified in your monthly statement.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Yes, please add OANN so we have an additional news source 

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      Hi Parrot,

      We've submitted the channel request on your behalf.

      Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Please add OANN to COX  OKC   have been a customer for almost 10years  considering Directv don't want to switch but this will make me do it! 

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      They (Cox CSR's) don't care if we leave - after reading ALL of the requests for OANN here on the forums, nothing is ever done nor does anyone actually receive a legitimate real reason as to why or why not OANN is added.

      Channels are added though...that you cannot find ONE request for up here - that should tell you something about Cox and their decision-making process - it ain't a financial decision either, because you know as a long time Cox customer - Cox will just raise rates and blame it on higher channel costs.  There are other political reasons behind the scenes happening and the CSR's have NO clue - nor do they particularly care - they are probably of the younger generation anyway and have no desire to see another conservative outlet added to the world.