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Why was I told yesterday by a rep at Cox when i called to Cancel my services to please hold, and they came back in about 10min and told me do not cancel. Cox is getting the ACC Network and it will be live at 7:00pm on 8/31/19. Was this just a tactic to not get me to cancel? B/C if they are getting why are you not letting the public know...? HULU live is a click away for me so i want to know the truth!!! Her Name was Brenda that I spoke to in your customer service department when i was trying to Cancel b/c you DON'T have the ACC Network. Please answer. 

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    Hi there, I apologize for any misinformation you may have received regarding us adding the channel. We are still in negotiations with ESPN to add this network to our lineup while fighting to keep costs at a reasonable price. We know many of our customers are anxious for a decision - we hope to have more information regarding this soon. -Carol