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5 years ago

ACC Network

My 25 + years as a Cox subscriber is about to come to an end.  I see no reason to keep your services when you have so little respect for your customers concerns, wants or needs. You have had plenty of time to negotiate this deal with ESPN. Good luck. 

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    Amen to that.  I'm done with them if it is not added.  I don't need the SEC Network or the PAC 10 Network.  But I, and the rest of the Hokie Nation do need the ACC Network.

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      I'm a Hoo and I'll not get to see them play either!!!!  This is ridiculous!  I pay over $200 a month and have tons of channels and music channels I pay for and don't want!  I am checking into HULU and DirecTV, both of who carry the ACCN

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    Hello All,

    Cox is actively negotiating with ESPN for the ACC Network. We are always fighting hard to keep your costs at a reasonable price. So, we can’t guarantee that the ACC Network (ACCN) will be a part of Cox’s channel line-up. However, we will make sure our customers are aware of alternative viewing options for their favorite ACC programming.

    Jonathan J
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      Thanks for the reply but that's a dodge.  Cox is heading for massive  customer defections if this channel is not added.  Again, I don't need the PAC10 channel nor the SEC Channel so why are they even offered the the Tidewater area.  This ACC territory.  You guys need to get your head out of the sand, or wherever it is, and add the network.