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6 years ago

4k tv

I was just wondering when or if cox will start supporting the amazon alexa or google home as well as providing 4k content and receivers? Both dish and directv have 4k receivers and offer 4k content so I was wondering why cox hasn't joined in on that yet?

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  • Hi Newraze, at this time, very few broadcast networks are producing any 4K television content. Cox has the infrastructure in place to deliver 4K content and will continue to evaluate content availability as 4K broadcasting grows. Cox Homelife products are not compatible with Alexa or Google smart home devices. However, we are in the process of launching Homelife automation features that are capable of integrating with cloud devices. We should have  more information on device integration as we move forward into 2018, so stay tuned! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      which cloud devices would cox be integrating with alexa, google home, or cortana?

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        Hi Newraze, we don't have any further information at this time. I'm sorry! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Can't imagine they'll be offering 4K content any time soon. With the current bandwidth limits, all their customers who wanted to watch 4K broadcasting would have to upgrade to at least their Ultimate package and even that would be pretty limiting if you wanted to watch more than a few 4k movies each month, along with everything else. Definitely a case of bandwidth caps stifling innovation.

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      If broadcasters (ABC, CBS, FOX) offered UHD programming, Cox would provide it via their CATV Distribution System and not as an Internet service.  Meaning, no data cap with cable UHDTV.  Unless, of course, if you'd be streaming UHD.

      Bandwidth limits?  Do you need more than 1000 Mbps?  Are you waiting for Terablast Internet from Cox?  I'm sure you meant Data Limits.

      Internet Ultimate?  Why would you need 300 Mbps to stream UHD?  Or, more precisely, how many devices in your household would be streaming one time?  Even the greediest recommendation for UHD on 1 device is 25 Mbps.  2 devices 50.  3 devices 75.  It would take 4 devices streaming UHD at one time just to reach one-third of 300 Mbps.

      All Cox Internet plans cap at 1 TB, so that wouldn't dictate your choice.  You need to determine the number of devices that'd be streaming at one time.  If you have 1 device, you only need Cox Essential 30.  2 devices could use Preferred.  12 devices would be Ultimate.

      Fighting the Data Limit is another story.

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        As for the aforementioned Data Limit of 1 TB per month, how long can you stream UHD per day on 1 device?

        Rate × Time = Capacity
        25 Mbps × Time = 1,024 GB per month
        Average of 30 days per month = 293,203,100,740 bits per day
        25 Mbps × Time = 293,203,100,740
        25t = 293,203,100,740
        t = 11728.12403
        11728.12403 = 3.2578122305556 hours

        If my maff is correctionally, I can stream 3 hours and 15 minutes of UHD per day on 1 device with 1 TB per month.  2 devices for 1 hour and 37 minutes.

        If you're single with no kids and work 12/7, you’d be all set.