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5 years ago

3am box upgrades freezing the tv for the entire day??? Why does this keep happening?

Why is it at least once a week when the 3am upgrade or whatever it is at 3am gets pushed through on the box, I lose the tv for the entire day? I don't know about it until the other people at home tell me later in the afternoon that the tv has not been working all day long? I don't have time to check before I leave for work. I've tried the box reset option on the web, but that just tells me there is something wrong with the box. Why am I paying for something that keeps breaking? Now I have to go home and unplug the main box and wait 20 minutes for the reset to go through. The persons at home are elderly and cannot do this themselves. Every single week this happens.

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    Hi Deezyfresh, freezing is typically indicative of a signal problem, and we're terribly sorry you have to experience this ongoing issue. Are all TV receivers impacted by the freezing or is it only one receiver? Can you please check to ensure that all cables are tightly secured and free of damage? This includes any splitters or amplifiers you may have as well. Here's an article which provides additional information for troubleshooting TV, If this continues, then the next course of action would be to send out a service technician. Please send us an email at, with a link to this forum thread, should you need additional assistance. -Kevin