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5 years ago

2 Tivos w/Cox cards & channel tuner - VOD does show but has never worked V205 Error

We have Tivo  Roamio and Bolt, Cox cable cards, Extended channel tuners.  When we first got them Cox VOD didn't even show-up.  Worked with Cox and all proper flags, codes, etc were then added/set correctly.  VOD still didn't work Error V205.  Tech came out and brought new cards and tuner boxes, still no joy.  We ended up just watching shows on the Cox Website through a browser on our computer, but now you can't watch certain shows on the website that you can with VOD on a card or cable box.  

We've tried the reboot modem and router and tivos, no joy there either.  Tivo says it's Cox and the Cox techs say they don't know Tivo.  I've spent probably 16 hours on hold or working with folks on both sides of the fence.  I had escalation tickets and second tier folks call back and no one can eve say what V205 even is.  I can launch the Cox VOD app on the Tivo or search for a show that says it's available on Cox VOD.  If I select to watch, the spinning circle comes and then a text box that says Error V205 Cox VOD is temporarily unavailable.  Try again later or call Cox.  Have done both.  

There are so many entries on these forums reporting the V205 error and some general suggestions, but there is never an entry with a real report of the solution.   Can anyone from Cox help me?  I once heard of a guy that works in escalated support that used Tivo on Cox and he knew all fixes, but this was from a Cox engineer that said that this guy was one of the only guys that could make Tivo work with VOD.  Tivo is definitely no help. They turn around and put you on a conference call with them and Cox and you sit there listening to each of them blame the other.

Any help would be appreciated.  Rob in Arizona

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    Hi Rob, we apologize for the ongoing service issues, and this is not the type of exerience we wish to provide our customers. It may be best to have another service technician go back out to the home and investigate the V205 error code, as this could be related to a signal issue of some kind. Please reach out to us at, Facebook, or Twitter for additional support. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator