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3 years ago

Nomorobo ~Robo Call Not working~ STIR/SHAKEN Deadline July 30, 2021

What is going on with all the Robo Calls, when NOMOROBO is activated... and has been for many years??????  I believe that our government has given phone providers a deadline of July 30, 2021 to install a WORKING robo call blocker, such as STIR?SHAKEN.  

So far today, on a Sunday, I have had 17 robo calls.  This is ridiculous!!!  More than half to almost ALL the calls in a month's time are ROBO CALLS!  

Does COX REALLY care about their customers?  In m y case we do not have another provider available in the area....  That is truly a monopoly! 

Anyone else having an extreme amount of ROBO CALLS.  I know my neighbors are having the same issue and we are all NOMOROBO robo call blocking feature.

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