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2 months ago

mobile phone service

I ordered an online special from Cox the other day for $9.99 and paid online.
On the order confirmation page, there is a message that says, Order pending.  Next, let's quickly get in touch. It asks me to call customer service to provide additional information.  The transaction reached my credit card.  I called the 877 number and provided a rep with my confirmation number.  The rep said it is not tied to my account.  He eventually tried to get me to pay full price for the same phone.  I chatted with 2 reps for over 1/2 hour, went over the problem and was eventually prompted to transfer to phone sales. 

I placed the order for a phone after logging into my account.  I received an email today about an account change.  It is very vague and mentions a promotional rate for 1 year that is approximately the  amount of the bulk discount I expected to receive with  my new mobile plan.  I sent my concerns to and have not received a reply.  So here I am.

There appears to be a technical problem with how Cox support is able to obtain customer information after they order and pay for mobile phone service.

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  • Hi, there. I'm really sorry for the difficulty with your Mobile service order. I want to help. Please email us at (rather than .net). We're here 24/7 and happy to assist you.