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4 years ago

Dropped Calls

Calls on my landline have been dropping calls for the last month. I have tried tech support with no help. Tried new phones, rebooting modem and nothing helps. A tech was sent out to replace modem and when I explained problem he said many customers are having this problem, it is a glitch in the modems software, and even replacing with new will not help as the glitch is in there as well, and no idea when it will be fixed.  I am so upset that I do not have a reliable land line. Can the moderator shed on this problem?

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  • @Mz Lila, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to so we can look into this ongoing issue for you. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I have already contacted tech support several times, and nothing works. Not sure this will do any good either but I will give it try.

  • We have the same problem with dropped calls. Suspect the modem. Sorry to hear that Cox has no answers, especially at the high prices we pay

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      @Jill is Here, You can always swap the modem if you believe that the modem is the cause of the ongoing issue. Also, we can see about sending a tech if needed. Please send us an email with your full address and name to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    I've had the same issue for months and months. Initially, I tried just rebooting the modem. Finally, I bought new phones. When that didn't work, I called Cox.  They tried resetting my modem remotely. Last thing they did was replace the modem.  The problem remains.  Cox really needs to get serious about fixing whatever is causing this!!!

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      I'm sorry to hear you've had such trouble with phone service. When I look from this end everything seems OK with the Cox equipment. If possible, I'd suggest trying to connect a phone directly to the tel1 port on the modem and see if there is any improvement.

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    I have also been having dropped calls at random - typically when I am on a conf call for work. With COVID we are being told to work from home. I have 2 completely different phones and it happens on both. Also, the modem has been replaced twice. I saw a reference to a modem software issue. If that is the case, why has that not been pursued and resolved?? I have been in IT for 30 years and spent most of that time in application development and production support. I would never be allowed to let a bug like that, adeversley affecting so many customers, go unresolved this long. There is no reason for this issue to continue occurring, especially if Cox expects to keep their customer base. Less talking and more action please!

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      @Pgmrdude, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to so we can help get this issue resolved for you. Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I was having the same problem with calls dropping after 30 minutes. Began after Cox replaced my old phone modem. I read here about the phone line being connected to the Tel 2 vs Tel1 input. Mine was connected to Tel 2. I disconnected everything and plug into Tel 1. After rebooting the problem appears resolved. Time will tell🤞

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        Hi MamaD,

        Only use TEL 1 and you should be fine.

        Thank you,

        Mike J.
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  • I'm writing on behalf of my elderly mother who has dementia.  When I call her COX dsl landline (which is directly connected to her modem), I run into the issue that she picks up, says hello, and a few seconds later the call disconnects.  This is extremely frustrating and puts my mother at risk.  She is in an assisted living facility and I can't get in to fix the problem.  Can a technician please go to help her!