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2 years ago

YouTube TV, YouTube, and Apple Devices

This issue began around 9 PM July 28, US Mountain Time: YouTube TV and YouTube are no longer streaming over Cox Gigablast on an Apple iOS device - this includes iPhone, AppleTV, and iPad. YouTube and Youtube TV work fine over the same connection on a HP Microsoft laptop.

Apple TV is connected via ethernet cable and I have confirmed download speeds over 900mbps. All other steaming apps work fine, including Netflix, HBOMax, and Apple TV. Only YouTube TV and YouTube do not stream.

The iPhones and iPads are connected over Wi-Fi and neither app works. However, when we force those devices to use cellular only (Verizon), YouTube and YouTube TV stream correctly.

We have reset the modem, deleted and reinstalled the YouTube TV apps, and reset the Apple TV. Nothing has worked yet.

Any suggestions? Did Apple and Cox get into a fight last night?