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5 years ago


 All of a sudden, for the past few days, nearly EVERY "mainstream" site is now telling me my virus program needs to allow ads...and I didn't even HAVE an add-on virus program. I had to download and install ABP, but in order to view the sites I have to "allow" ads...WHICH I HAVE NEVER HAD TO DO in the past. Did something change???

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    This is suspicious because websites don't have a unified method telling you to allow their ads.  Most sites either don't care I block their ads or have a unique pop-up to request I allow their ads.  Arris is the worst by blacking out their page altogether until I allow their cookies.  No!

    Either your browser had a recent update to block certain scripting or you've got a virus or browser hijacker.

    Did you recently change an option on your browser?  Did you recently download a new program?  You could install Malwarebytes Free to scan your computer.

    What are these sites?