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4 years ago

Would I be charged for a technician to come out to test the local node?

I'm very confident that my issues stem from an oversaturated node in my area. However the representative I was speaking to mentioned it was up to the technician whether or not it is for us to pay. How can I convince or help prove that this is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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    I'm unable to schedule a technician to just check the node without first scheduling a service call. I know this step may add more frustration, and may even seem pointless, but please know that we need to follow our established procedures in this situation. If the issue is found to be non-Cox caused a $75 service call fee may apply. Most service calls are covered if you are subscribed to Cox Complete Care.
    For more information, please visit us at However, because of COVID-19, our technicians can’t go inside the house. They can check cabling and equipment outside your home. If you need new equipment, they can set it on your doorstep, and they can walk you through troubleshooting/installation while still outside your home. They’ll talk to you over the phone, FaceTime/video chat, or even through an open window at a safe distance. Our appointment time slots are 8-10AM, 10-12, 1-3, 3-5, & 5-7PM, daily. Is there a day/time that would work best for you? Please email your full-service address, full name, also include this thread in a link and a phone number.

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